In our journey through the mèches we have examined, so far, different types of lightening that represent the trends of the moment.
Relying on the experience of M.Hair, the new low-cost hairdressing salon at the I Giardini di Jesolo business park, you will find the most suitable streaks for your style.

In the case of the degradé, lightening is moderate and by no means intends to upset the base color that you have decided, but rather emphasizes it gracefully and gives it more light. If the sunburns bleach the entire length of the hair, this style of streaks points all along the lengths and lightens the color more intensely, while proceeding towards the ends. The “tie & dye” is a variant that clearly brightens the tips, leaving the roots of the previously chosen color.
When we speak instead of ombré it is a soft lightening that can be applied to all types of hair and is ideal for damaged tips.
As for the products, M.Hair uses high quality lines to nourish and moisturize the hair, making it brighter. Therefore, in addition to the treatments, there is the possibility to buy shampoos, creams and masks to take care of the hair also at home.