Time to change look? Want to have a hair with new shades of color? The M.Hair Hairdressers Low Cost Salon presents you with many perfect ideas for having your hair in order and a new enviable appearance, starting with balayage. Yeah, but what is it?

To achieve a perfect balayage, it is necessary for the hairdresser to brush the strands vertically. This is the only way to create soft shades that resemble the summer sun effect.
This is why bleaching and tinting concentrate where natural sunlight comes.
Avoiding exaggerated color contrasts, the perfect balayage points to shades that are almost invisible and natural.
In case the hair is blonde you will choose warm tones like peach and coral, so much in demand at the moment, while the blackberries will have fantastic and harmonious results thanks to the various shades of the bluette or daring the violet, another top color of the season.
There are different interpretations of the Balayage that allow you to customize the results, for example with very thin lightening distributed over the entire crown. In this case the face is naturally illuminated.
Another technique focuses on diagonal lightening, to be studied accompanying the shape of the face and taking into account the cut. So you get a little more volume and even the complexion gains.

Those who prefer the softer color can opt for Bronzing, an optimal solution for various reasons. First of all because we focus on the health of the hair by using more herbs in combination and then henna-based herbal mixtures, and then because we study undertones inspired by the tones of stones and minerals.
An upward trend in which the locks and shades of color overlap throughout the hair.
If you choose micronized leaves or shrubs the pigmentation will be different, more or less intense.
Speaking of totally natural products, the hair is invigorated, shiny and healthy.